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Calbee North America

It Starts With Passion

Meet Calbee North America

You might think we’re a little pea-brained, but at Calbee North America, we don’t think great taste should be compromised. You see, our mission is as simple as our products: delicious, natural and good for you. Our passion is to offer you something wholesome and tasty, so you can enjoy snacking the way it should it be. Because to us, a snack is more than just a bag with a name. It’s a privilege you should celebrate every day, anywhere with anyone! So the next time you’re crunching at a soccer game, nervously munching during a thrilling movie, or opening up a bag "just because," we want you know we think you’re snacking the right way, the Harvest Snaps way.

How We Got Here

We were one of the first Japanese food manufacturers in North America when we began selling our Saya and Shrimp Chip brands in the early 1970’s. We have a company culture that is built on new product development and our leadership is committed to innovation in everything we do.

We stand by our claim: “Harvest the Power of Nature."

We build our brands and innovative snacks around taste, fun, and wholesome ingredients.

We recognized the need for wholesome snacking in North America and launched the Snapea Crisp brand in 1999. Since their inception, Snapea Crisps have had a loyal and growing fan base. We also recognized the opportunity to expand in North America would need local partners. In 2012, we agreed with RDO to create Calbee North America. Like every pea has its pod, we credit our snacking virtues to our parent companies, Calbee Inc. and RDO.

RDO already has a firm and steady relationship with Calbee and has been processing and supplying potatoes to Calbee for years. The relationship makes a lot of sense because RDO is one of the largest agricultural / farming companies in North America. RDO has vertically integrated its business model to include: growing, selling and processing potatoes; distributing farm equipment, dairy farming, and farming other agricultural products. They bring knowledge and trust to the business partnership and the two companies together are aiming for long term future growth in North America.

About Calbee Inc.

Headquartered in Tokyo Japan, Calbee Inc. has been committed to harnessing the great taste of nature and promoting healthy living for more than 63 years and is known for it's global prowess. In fact, Calbee Inc. is the second-largest snack food company in the world. Calbee Inc. has strategic partnership with Pepsico Inc.

About RDO

Founded in the United States, RDO is now one of the biggest potato farm and farm equipment companies in the country. The company was founded by entrepreneur Ron Offutt who started his business from just a 40 acre farm to achieve an ultimate American Dream by his own hand in just one generation. RDO is partnered with our sister company, Idahoan, a leading potato flake brand.

Other Great Calbee Products

Shrimp Chips
Shrimp Chips

Accented by a mild taste of fresh shrimp and sprinkled with a delicate pinch of salt, our Shrimp Chips have an airy texture that’s as light as an ocean breeze but still satisfyingly crunchy. Dive into classic Original flavor, turn up the heat with Wasabi or go bold with Hot Garlic.


How does one describe Saya? Two words: Simply. Delectable. That delicate snow pea taste is perfectly infused with Japan’s traditional Dashi for Umami flavor, making for a crispy, guilt-free treat that’s sure to please any snack lover.

Potato Chips - Seaweed Salt
Potato Chips

Leave it to Calbee to put a new twist on an old favorite. Calbee Seaweed & Salt Potato Chips blend the essence of the sea with a super-crispy, thin-sliced chip. Calbee Hot & Spicy chips are the perfect mix of crunch and kick.