How to Pick the Perfect Avocado

We’ve seen Harvest Snap Aficionados make bowls, salads and wraps with their favorite Snaps, and avocado seems to be a constant foodie companion. How do you get the green goodness every time? Check under the stem.  Pull back the stem of the avocado and look for green underneath. If it’s green, it’s ready for purchase. […]

Easy Hummus Recipe

For a crave-worthy snack, whip up your own hummus! It’s easier than you think, and with only a handful of ingredients, you can feel good about letting your family dig in. Just… beware of double dipping. Here’s what you’ll need: 15 ounces of chick peas. You can skin them or leave the skin on. 2 […]

Ultimate Road Trip Packing List

Road Trip! (the short list for mobile happiness) Comfy Car-vana Sun Glasses Travel Pillow Light throw or blanket Moveable Sun Shade Water Sparkling or Still E-Device chargers Better for you snacks that energize vs. food coma “Hello Officer” License Registration Proof of Insurance Road Side Assistance Info (AAA) Rest Stop Survival Kit Roll of Toilet […]