Want to make life better?  Well, get movin’.  Activity helps you sleep, digest, and have more energy in the morning.  That’s why many Europeans take a family walk after dinner, which is also a great way to catch up.

Here are some fun ways to get the whole family movin’:

  1. Bust a Move – Build a family playlist (include oldies and new jams!), clear some space in the living room and BOOGIE.
  2. All Ages Yoga – Break out yoga mats (thin bath towels will also work) and practice beginner’s yoga as a family. Start with short, easy-to-remember sequences and gradually build. Better yet, let everyone make up their own yoga pose, guaranteed to create a few giggles and fun new pose names.
  3. Troll & Stroll – Play “I spy” while walking together. If you walk the same route, challenge people to remember something that is currently out of view and see if everyone can find it when it becomes closer.

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