Ways to Get “Unstuck” and Ready to Solve Life:

  • Change Your Setting, Change Your Mind: Recharge your mind and creativity by walking away from your workspace. A small change of scenery and a few really deep breaths will allow you to reset. Then go be brilliant. Seriously, it works.
  • Improve Your Posture, Optimize Your Position: Allow your head to slump forward until the chin settles down, close your eyes, then raise your neck slowly (being conscious to Stack your spine one on-top of the other, as your head rises). Open your eyes with a new view. In our world of screens, this helps!
  • Allow Your Mind to Wander: Try thinking of your favorite birthday moment as a kid. What did the cake taste like? Who was there? What was your favorite gift?  How was the singing? Give yourself permission to wander.  Your mind will actually clear and you be ready to re-engage.
  • Get some fresh air: Even if you open a window, it will refresh the room and bring lots of great smells into the space.  Did you know there is a strong connection between memory and smell? This has the power to release you from your current situation, so you are ready to embrace new approaches. Nature can be a powerful thing – embrace it!

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