Best Super Bowl Snack Ideas for Your Watch Party

kickn bbq black bean sliders

Super Bowl snacks are the key feature of any Super Bowl party. Sure, the game (and the halftime show!) is the focus but it’s the snacks that will keep people happy, no matter the score! Nachos, chili, chips & dip, wings, and pizza are all Super Bowl snack staples but if you’re hosting a party, […]

Find Your Flavor With Plant-Based Snacks

Plant Based Snacks

Now’s a great time to be a veggie-lover, especially when it comes to snacks! Healthier alternatives for just about everything are popping up, and not just in the snack section. Plant-based options have become such a hit that they even have their own tv network. Meaning yes, you can go all out and binge on […]

Healthier Chips Make Binge-Watching TV Tastier

Healthier Chips

When TV time rolls around in the evening, we all have our habits and how we set ourselves up to enjoy the upcoming program. Healthier chips should be a big part of your cozy routines. We know that TV viewing has gone up since the past year, with more people binge-watching TV shows as a […]