The Super Easy Healthy Snack List For Back to School

Healthy Snacks Ideas

Healthy snacks play a key role in keeping children nourished, satiated, energized, and focused during long school days. With the kids heading back to school, you want to find healthy snacks that they will actually want to eat! To help, we’ve put together this recipe list of easy school snacks that will thrill the taste […]

Healthier Snacks to Satisfy Every Snacker

Healthier Snacks

Eating healthier snacks can be a little tricky when there are so many tempting sugary and salty morsels nearby. But, the reality is, finding delicious healthier snacks is possible. And, it is easier than you might think! To help, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite snacks, covering all snacking types. From salty crunchy options […]

Improve Your Mood: Healthier Eating Affects Mental State

Mood swings happen. No one likes to feel down in the dumps but the reality is that between work, school, and family, it can be difficult to stay upbeat, energized, and happy all of the time. Certainly, eliminating a stressor or two, and practicing self-care, can help. What if we told you that healthier eating […]

Smart Snacks for Your Outdoor Spring Gatherings

At Harvest Snaps, we’re always excited to welcome springtime back once again. Not only are we thrilled about all the plants coming back to life, but with longer days and more sunlight in the forecast, it allows us to get out of our houses and also enjoy the sun’s rays too. Now that we’re able […]

Snappy Snack Pairings To Give Your Afternoon An Energy Boost

Afternoon Snack

When it comes to your afternoon snack, we know that everyone has different needs. Whether you’re in need of a quick, at-home energy boost, something to munch on while on-the-go, or even a supportive gym pal, Harvest Snaps meets you where you are. Not only are they great on their own, but they’re also great […]

Add Some Crunch to Your Salad

If you thought salads were boring, you’re wrong. They can be inventive, full of color, and tasty. It’s a meal that’s easy to prepare and filled with fresh ingredients. But a salad isn’t complete without crunch, and we understand you want to keep your salad better-for-you and not loaded with carbs. Harvest Snaps is here […]

Healthy Crunchy Snacks for the Long Road Trip Ahead!

Travel-Friendly Healthy Snack Options for the Whole Family What Makes A Terrific Road Trip Snack For Kids and Adults? Finding a healthy crunchy snacks the entire family can enjoy during a long car ride can be a challenge. A winning road trip snack needs to have just the right balance of great taste and good […]

A Fresh Find: Harvest Snaps are in the Produce Section!

You’ve got your sustainable coffee cup in hand, reusable bags in the cart and your shopping list ready to go. You’re ready to conquer your weekly grocery store visit! Where do you start? Think about it: when you walk into the store, you walk straight to the vibrant fruit and vegetables section – usually on […]

Your Favorite Gluten-Free Snacks!

Our curious snackers often ask us about Harvest Snaps, both directly and through social media. We’re loud and proud about our fresh ingredients and addictively delicious flavors, so we’re always happy to answer! When it comes to health-based inquiries, we’ve seen a common question: are Harvest Snaps gluten-free? The answer? YES! We know how hard […]