Today is International Day of Happiness and we couldn’t be HAPPIER that we get to share better-for-you, delicious snacks with you and your family! There’s nothing better than hearing from satisfied snackers who have found their love of Harvest Snaps.

We believe a healthy and happy lifestyle go hand-in-hand. Our snacks give you and your family the nutrition to help you maintain your go-go-go lifestyle, but the happiness comes from inside YOU. There’s no quick fix for achieving joy, but we’ve put together a few tips that we apply to snacks, and life, to find a little more bliss:

  • Cut out toxins. We make sure our snacks are certified fresh and toxin-free, and we apply the same rules to our relationships from food to friends. If your potato chips make you feel icky, leave ‘em behind. Have a “friend” who always cuts you down? Cut down on that social time. Loathe spin class, but need cardio? Ditch the stationary bike for evening walks. Your mind, soul and body deserve to be supported and loved, always.
  • Be honest. We’re not lying when we say we’re not liars. Our ingredients are proudly displayed on our bags and website, so you always know what you’re eating. Being honest helps us build relationships with our snackers and can do the same for you.
  • Embrace gratitude. Some days it rains on the farms where we collect our fresh veggies, but we know that the rain will make our peas grow strong and healthy. Take time to appreciate the good in all things – even rainy days!
  • Keep giving goodness. Being generous is a great way to bring joy to others and to yourself. So next time you have a bag of Harvest Snaps, share some with the co-worker that forgot their lunch. You’ll feel good helping out a friend and you’ll both get the protein-packed nutrients you need to tackle the day!
  • Just smile. No, really – it’s that simple. Shoot a smile at a stranger (errr, okay… a stranger’s dog…) Smiles are contagious, and they’ll help you pass happiness on.

What are your tips for being happy? Share it with us on social!


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