You’ve got your sustainable coffee cup in hand, reusable bags in the cart and your shopping list ready to go. You’re ready to conquer your weekly grocery store visit! Where do you start? Think about it: when you walk into the store, you walk straight to the vibrant fruit and vegetables section – usually on the outer perimeter. You know the best foods for your family are found in the outer perimeter, and that’s where you’ll find your favorite flavor of Harvest Snaps – in the produce section! If you head into the snack aisle, Harvest Snaps aren’t there. Nope. They’re not by the chips or the crackers, either. No way.

Harvest Snaps Grocery Store

So, why are Harvest Snaps in the produce aisle? We’re proud to be in the freshest, most vibrant part of your local grocery store!

The potato chip section was simply not for us. And that’s because Harvest Snaps just are not chips – no greasy, high-fat content for us, please and thank you! Harvest Snaps are a better-for-you snack option made with wholesome green peas, black beans and red lentils, baked to a crunchy delight. And even though we may be as addicting as a traditional chip, our pure vegetable base makes us the healthier snacking option. There’s no grease, less calories and full satisfaction packed into every snap.

Each of our nine delicious flavors, including our newest White Cheddar, Parmesan Roasted Garlic and Southern Style Barbecue flavors, are a good source of protein and fiber. They are also certified gluten-free and vegetarian friendly- which are more reasons we’re at home with the produce section.

From our perspective, we love being in the same section as our fresh counterparts. Here at Harvest Snaps, we pride ourselves on using the most wholesome ingredients, so our snackers get the nutrients they need, in a snack they crave. Being displayed among the fruits and vegetables is a great reminder that we are a top-tier snack alternative to junk food. To us, being in the produce aisle just feels right. It’s home!

So, the question is: which grocery store produce aisles can you find us in?

We’re everywhere! No seriously, we’re across the nation in grocery stores far and wide. You can grab your favorite Harvest Snaps flavors at Costco, Walmart, Target, Publix, Safeway, Ralphs, Sprouts and Kroger. If you’re looking for the closest place that sells a specific flavor, you can always check out our locator and search by your zip code to find what your looking for!

Baked Snacks

While you’re grabbing that flavor, consider adding a few of our favorite fresh finds to your cart! Harvest Snaps are great on their own but combining them with these yummy eats is always a delicious decision!

  • Salad Fixings: Harvest Snaps are great alternatives to plain old crusty croutons, so throw ‘em into the mix for your next salad. A little bit of lettuce, garden veggies and vinaigrette make for a great meal. Check out how we suggest adding in our Black Pepper snaps in a spring salad here.
  • Avocados: Who doesn’t love a rich, creamy avocado? It’s like nature’s butter! There are so many great ways to enjoy an avocado and many can incorporate Harvest Snaps! For a quick, on-the-go lunch, add a few Lightly Salted Harvest Snaps onto your avocado toast for an added crunch. Throwing a party? Whip up the guacamole and bring out the Mango Chile Lime snaps to give a little spice for your dipping pleasure.

Don’t forget to write us down on your next shopping list and route your cart to the produce section to grab us! For more information on our ingredients and flavors, check out our product page. To find Harvest Snaps near you, visit our locator page.

Happy snacking!


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