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Harvest Snaps Nutrition: Delicious and Nutritious

If you’ve had the opportunity to try one of our delicious flavors, you know how amazingly tasty Harvest Snaps can be–and how fun it is to share them with your friends and family, too!

Many people are surprised to discover that a crispy, crunchy snack that tastes so good can be made first and foremost from green peas, red lentils, or black beans. But that fresh-picked deliciousness is just part of what makes Harvest Snaps so special. Behind all that great taste is a snack with some nutritional “bona fides” that you may find especially appealing as well!

Here are a few fast facts that can make you feel even better about your Snaps.

All Harvest Snaps are Certified Gluten Free Snacks

Recent studies suggest that 20-30% of North Americans avoid gluten either due to a medical diagnosis (Celiac disease) or by choice. Those individuals will be pleased to note the entire line of Harvest Snaps has been certified gluten free.

A Healthy Snack With The Power of Plant-Based Protein

Most snackers are also delighted to discover that each serving of Harvest Snaps contains 4-5g of protein. Once again, since the first ingredient in Harvest Snaps is always green peas, red lentils, or black beans, that protein is clean, delicious plant-based protein. Harvest Snaps are the kind of healthy snack that can help you face the excitement and adventures that await you on an especially busy day!

Watching Your Fat, Cholesterol, and Sodium Intake?

If fat and cholesterol are among your nutritional concerns, Harvest Snaps Nutrition may support your goals, because all Harvest Snaps varieties feature 0% cholesterol and zero trans fats. In addition, Harvest Snaps offers no more than .5g of saturated fat per serving and only 5-6g of total fat per serving as well. Most consumers are pleased to discover that all flavors of Harvest Snaps offer less than 150mg of sodium per serving; in fact, several Harvest Snaps flavors are available with less than 100mg per serving.

Fiber You Can Feel Good About

While many traditional salty snacks can’t offer much in the way of healthy fiber, Harvest Snaps shines in this particular area: since its first ingredient is farm-direct vegetables, Harvest Snaps is naturally higher in fiber! Each serving of Harvest Snaps offers 3-4g of fiber, which represents 10-16% of the US Recommended Daily Value.

The Most Healthy Snacks Can Be Found in the Produce Aisle

When you’re looking for healthy snack ideas, your very best choices will always be fresh fruits and vegetables- – but sometimes, you may need non-perishable options or simply crave a little more variety. And because their first ingredient is always veggies, it’s not surprising that Harvest Snaps are found in the produce aisle with the rest of the fruits and vegetables!

In addition to Harvest Snaps Nutrition that can add to snack time, we think you’ll find several tasty favorites among these popular flavors: White Cheddar, Tomato Basil, Mango Chile Lime, Lightly Salted, Parmesan Roasted Garlic, Southern Style Barbecue, Black Pepper, Wasabi Ranch, and Caesar. Enjoy!

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