Healthy Chips

Harvest Snaps: The Healthy Chips Alternative

With all the fast food and non-organic food that we consume today, is it sometimes hard to imagine how to eat healthfully? So many of the foods available today are either processed or unnaturally preserved. And much of the time, we resort to fast food due to the fast-paced lives we are living. You may have even asked the question, “Who has the time to prepare proper meals anymore?”. And it’s somehow a sad thought that more often than not, families today do not choose healthy food and better-for-you snacks today simply because of what’s being offered by the market.

Somehow, people today have this idea of “when it’s healthy, it isn’t tasty” and that “If it’s fast food, it is tasty.” But that doesn’t need to be the case! Snacks like Harvest Snaps prove that there can be delicious alternatives to junky food options.

The Role of Snacks Today

Gone are the days when the snack that you would look forward to was the apple pie that was freshly baked by your mother or your grandmother. Today, we “make do” with what is available downstairs or by the store near our homes or offices. We frequently buy items that we can consume immediately and don’t put much thought into our choices.

Today, we eat snacks when we’re in our office on break, we eat snacks while we go to the movies, we eat snacks when we’re with friends, or we serve snacks when we have a small party at home… actually, is there any time when we’re not eating snacks?! They play a large role in our lives, even though their original purpose is to have something to put in your stomach while you are not yet off to eating your “proper” meal.

Healthy Chips as Snacks

There are various types of “healthy” chips that have been introduced to the market over the past 20 years. But the most popular and famous of these so-called “healthy” chips are corn chips and potato chips. These items are made from starches, not vegetables, and offer little in the way of nutrition. Many are also heavily processed and made with artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. They are not good choices for people who want to take better care of their overall well-being.

It doesn’t need to be this way, and several national brands are offering better alternatives. Shouldn’t the food we eat be as good as possible in order to support healthier lifestyle choices?

What Harvest Snaps Can Offer

This gap in the market is what Harvest Snaps addresses with its delicious line of vegetable-based snacks. Harvest Snaps are “the real deal” because their first ingredients are green peas, red lentils, or black beans. They are a true alternative to “healthy” chips because they are certified gluten-free, baked and made with no artificial colors or flavors- – and they offer plant-based protein and fiber in every crispy bite. Try any of our 10 delicious Harvest Snaps flavors and say good-bye to the types of chips that don’t support your health and wellness goals.