Healthy Snack Ideas

Everyone needs to have some snacks between or after their meals. Traditional snacks are loaded with sugar and other ingredients that are simply not nutritious. Instead, you want to find some delicious and healthy snack ideas for you and your family.

Choosing Healthy Snacks

When you are looking for healthy snack ideas you want to choose foods that are filled with nutritious ingredients and that don’t have a lot of fat or sugar. At the same time, you want to provide your family with foods that are high in vitamins and minerals and have good fiber content.

You also want to pick snacks that are easy to store and eat so you and your family can enjoy them any time and take them with to school or work. Vegetables make healthy snack ideas but they are not very interesting or tasty on their own.

Consider snacks that taste good and have the appeal of chips but are better for your family. Harvest Snaps are the ideal snack for busy families and picky snackers. They come in fun and nutritious options such as green pea, red lentil and black bean. We use the best ingredients to create flavorful, crunchy healthy snacks that are extremely satisfying.

Flavorful Snack Options

Our Harvest Snaps are perfect for every member of the family. Everyone will be sure to have their favorite from among our various healthy snack ideas.  All of our varieties are made with wholesome ingredients that are nutritious and delicious. We add different blends to our basic elements to bring some flavorful and addicting combinations.

Tomato Basil Harvest Snaps are a delicious snack that begins with red lentils and includes tomato and basil seasonings for a zesty snack with an Italian flair. If you like spicy snacks, try our Habanero Harvest Snaps. These start with black beans and then we add spices that make these a hot yet delicious flavor.

If you prefer a sweet and spicy flavor, consider our Mango Chile Lime Harvest Snaps. These are delicious with black beans, mango Chile lime seasoning and a hint of smoky mesquite. We also offer a large selection of our original green pea crisps with a variety of flavorings to suit your tastes.

Our lightly salted green pea snack crisps are the flavor that everyone loves. We take these originals and add flavors to give you many options. Our Caesar variety includes three cheese flavorings along with garlic to create a yummy snack. The parmesan roasted garlic tastes as good as it sounds.

When you like a creamy, zesty flavor, try our green pea Wasabi Ranch flavor Harvest Snaps. Our white cheddar crisps are light and cheesy good. For pepper-lovers, we offer our black pepper made to taste just like freshly cracked peppercorns.

Each of our snacks begin with farm-fresh ingredients that are the number one ingredient in each of our varieties of Harvest Snaps. We take healthy snacking to a new level. You and your family are sure to find some flavor combinations that you enjoy.




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