Healthy Snacks Kids

Healthy Snacks Kids Love Brought to You by Harvests Snaps

Harvest Snaps are one of the leading healthy snack brands in the United States. Made with no artificial flavors or colors, our vegetable-based snacks can support a healthy lifestyle for your entire family.

A Variety of Healthy Snacks for Kids to Choose From

We know that kids can be picky eaters! That’s one of the reasons we offer 10 different flavors, so everyone will be able to find their favorite. You and your family can choose from delicious Tomato Basil, Mango Chile Lime, Southern-Style Barbecue, Caesar, Parmesan Roasted Garlic, Wasabi Ranch, Habanero, White Cheddar, Black Pepper, and Lightly Salted snack crisps. Because all of our snacks are made with vegetables as their very first ingredient, they can be a terrific way to help your kids make choices that are great for their growing bodies and minds. Harvest Snaps are available online and in the produce section of your favorite local supermarket, so pick up some wholesome, delicious, healthy snacks kids crave today!

Other Reasons Why Harvest Snaps are Healthy Snacks for Kids 

Made with farm-picked green peas, red lentils, or black beans as their very first ingredient, Harvest Snaps offer a variety of vegetable-based vitamins and minerals that can support good health. And because they have no artificial flavors or colors, there’s nothing to get in the way of their great taste. As a matter of fact, our gluten-free snack crisps feature natural plant-based protein and healthy fiber in every tasty bite.

Another reason why Harvest Snacks are such healthy snacks for kids is that they have a texture that can be enjoyed by all ages. Older children enjoy their light crispy crunch, while young toddlers are able to easily dissolve our snack crisps in their mouths.

The Many Benefits of Buying Healthy Snacks for Your Children

As a parent, you feel a responsibility to choose healthy snacks for your kids. Nutritious snack intake can help in the development of your child’s brain which may lead to having an advantage academically. According to various scientific studies, children who eat nutritious snacks perform better in school. Nutritious snacks can also contribute to your child’s emotional and physical well-being. According to the 2014 edition of Frontier in Nutrition, healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables can lower your child’s anxiety, emotional distress and increase confidence. On the other hand, scientists have found that unhealthy snacks like potato chips can lead to a poor mood state, fatigue and difficulty in learning.

To help promote well-being among your children, make a conscious effort to provide them with nutrient-dense food and drinks. Healthy snacking provides needed nutrients between meals. Be sure that your child is getting the right nutrients for brain development. Buy only healthy snacks for your kids and teach them about proper diet. Encourage them to avoid junk food by offering them the kinds of healthy snacks for kids like those made by Harvest Snaps. Healthy snacks can keep your children from experiencing hunger pangs and overeating. Eating healthy snacks proportionately is a key to achieving the right nutritional diet for your kids and your family.