High Protein Snacks

Why Eat High Protein Snacks from Harvest Snaps?

Are you looking for healthy snacks? Do you want to have organic high protein snacks whenever you feel like? Harvest Snaps might be the business that you’re searching for. We provide the most organic snacks your money can buy, made from the wholesome green peas, black beans, and red lentils right from the farm we grow it. We provide our customers a number of different flavors for them to choose, from lightly salted to black pepper.

Farm-fresh Organic Snacks

Here at Harvest Snaps, we have nine different flavors of vegetable-based snacks. They all are made from fresh farm produce for our consumers. These flavors are Black Pepper, Tomato Basil, Lightly Salted, Mango Lime Chile, Caesar, Parmesan Garlic Roasted, Wasabi Ranch, Habanero, and White Cheddar.

All these products are Harvest Snaps’ most popular and gluten-free snacks and they all are made from the USA. If you want to buy our products online, they are available at www.amazon.com/harvestsnaps. If you want to buy the products directly from us, with the help of our locator, you’ll find a wide variety of retail locations near you ranging from 5 to 75 miles away from where you are.

Our delicious high protein snacks are mostly found at specialty Asian markets and they also are found inside the local grocery store under the ethnic food section.

Join the Community

You can join the Harvest Snaps community by sharing to us what your thoughts are about our products when simply sharing to us your story. With our Feed the Mind section, this is where you get the latest health news and nutrition stories.

Our Feed the Body section is where tasty and satisfying recipes are shared in order to provide healthier lifestyles and also tips & tricks in the kitchen. Feed the Soul section is where people like you share what you love like pictures, stories, or snaps. You can share all these together with a hashtag saying, Harvest Snap Love.

Our Company

Harvest Snaps is a company that is rebranded from the Snapea Crisps back in 1999 which then had a desire for more wholesome snack options in the US market. As time passed, Harvest Snaps slowly branded and expanded all through the continent. We shall continue to develop and produce our naturally-delicious snack products by using the ingredients with the highest quality level.

We Want Your Feedback

Do you have questions or comments regarding high protein snacks that you would like to share or tell us? Call us at 707-427-2500, or send them to us simply by filling up a form at www.calbeena.com/contact. For more of our up-to-date good stuff, you can sign up to subscribe at Harvest Snaps and get the latest news and tips about us and our products. By subscribing, we will get you to experience having fun while you snack, play, and thrive. If you want to visit us, you can find us at 2600 Maxwell Way, Fairfield, CA 94534. We are open every Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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