We’ve seen Harvest Snap Aficionados make bowls, salads and wraps with their favorite Snaps, and avocado seems to be a constant foodie companion. How do you get the green goodness every time? Check under the stem.  Pull back the stem of the avocado and look for green underneath. If it’s green, it’s ready for purchase. If you find brown, the avocado is overly ripe.

Once you purchase your fruits, give it a quick squeeze test to determine if it’s ready for consumption. In the palm of your hand, apply firm, gentle pressure. The avocado should yield a little bit, but not feel mushy.

Did you know avocado species have varying tastes? Popular Hass, Lamb Hass, Gwen, Reed, or Sharwil avocados have a creamy, nutty flavor while Bacon and Zutano are milder.

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