Low Calorie Snacks

Important Facts about Low Calorie Snacks

Nutrition is another field that has been vexed with misinformation and the topic of sugar is the best example of this. Sugar refineries will promote the idea that sugar is part of a healthy diet while the manufacturers of artificial sweeteners will curse the very existence of the sweet crystals while promoting a chemical alternative. One solution is low calorie snacks.

So, what is the truth? Apples have long been touted as the perfect snack and for its ability to repel medical professionals if consumed on a daily basis. It also is loaded with natural sugar, but one would have to eat 8 to 10 apples a day to reach the recommended dietary sugar intake of 150 calories a day for an average male. The problem is not the apple, the problem is the apple pie baked with a huge amount of added refined sugar.

When it comes to snacking, sugar is not the only substance of concern. Salt, starches, and fats all add to the discussion about how much is safe to consume. Oscar Wilde (1854 – 1900), the famed Irish poet and playwright gave the most common-sense answer when he uttered his famous quote “Everything in moderation, including moderation” even though he was likely talking about alcohol and not some sweet or salty snack.

An Alternative Arrives

Calbee, North America, is in Fairfield, California about halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento and it produces a brand of snack called Harvest Snaps that offers a wonderful snack alternative with zero sugar and about half the salt content of potato chips. Harvest Snaps makes the sugar issue disappear and offers the consumer a vegetable-based snack that is sure to satisfy when that urge for a tasty snack cannot be resisted.

Harvest Snaps are a low-calorie treat and instead of the starchy potato, the main ingredients are green peas, red legumes, and black beans. There are nine different flavors including Tomato Basil, White Cheddar, and Mango Lime. Harvest Snaps are gluten-free and contain 5 grams of vegetable protein. The legumes and peas are non-MGO if that is a concern to you.

More Choices of Low Calorie Snacks

The parent company, Calbee, started in Japan and began business in the USA in 1970 offering Saya and Shrimp Chips. Harvest Chips were first launched under the name Snapea Crisps in 1999 and they appealed to a wider range of North Americans. Calbee, North America also offers traditional potato chips and a whole lineup of tasty snacks including Popper Duos, Whole Cuts and Baked Shrimp Chips.

Harvest Chips are available at many retail outlets, Asian specialty stores and in the ethnic food section of your local grocery chain. And if you can’t find them at a store simply order them online at amazon.com/harvestsnacks. Have these low calorie snacks handy the next time you watch the election returns or read an Oscar Wilde novel.

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