Here at Harvest Snaps, our mission is to give you nutritious and delicious snacks that make you feel good inside and out. We’ve also taken on a new mission: protecting our beautiful planet. We only have one. We love it. We need it. It’s essential that we keep our planet safe, healthy and thriving! We’ve partnered with TerraCycle, an innovative recycling program funded by conscientious brands, to help reduce waste and give back to charities in the process.

We’re excited to announce that Harvest Snaps bags are now part of the TerraCycle process and that you, the sustainable snacker, can help our planet AND earn money for a non-profit or school of your choice!

It’s easy and fun to participate:

  1. Start collecting empty Harvest Snaps bags in your home, school, or office – wherever you have room! To be eligible for rewards, you need to collect at least 1 pound of Harvest Snaps bags.
  2. When your collection box is full, download free shipping labels on
  3. Send your empty bags off in the mail to be recycled. TerraCycle works with strategic partners to process individual waste streams, keeping product out of landfills.
  4. Items collected from you can turn into rewards that can be redeemed as charitable donations your organization!

You can now easily track your earnings on our Terracycle page. Once you sign up you’ll be able to start recycling your old Harvest Snaps packaging, track your points, help fund your favorite non-profit organization/school, and even discover which of your other favorite brands participate in this program.

Three cheers for better snacking and doing better for the Earth!”

To learn more about all the goodness TerraCycle does, check them out online at


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