Created with better snacking in mind…

At Harvest Snaps, we’re on a mission to make snacks the whole family will love and you’ll love sharing with them.

We are committed to making your snacking experience more wholesome and enjoyable. By sourcing the highest quality non-GMO peas, beans, and lentils and always putting them first, we’re making mindless snacking a thing of the past. Of course, Harvest Snaps are found in the produce section, since our first ingredient is always farm-picked vegetables.

Harvest Snaps provide a quick and crunchy way to get your veggies. We believe in making a better-for-you snack that doesn’t sacrifice flavor. From the office to the kitchen to school and everywhere in between, Harvest Snaps makes guilt-free snacking easy.

Our Story:

Harvest Snaps is owned by Calbee International, the largest and most respected snack company in Japan. Calbee International was developed with the intention to harvest the power of nature into everyday snacks by creating tasty food from top quality and natural ingredients.

Calbee International expanded to North America in 1970 with the desire to provide their delicious and wholesome snacks to the US market. In 1999, Snapea Crisps were launched and quickly became a hit with North Americans looking for more healthful snack alternatives. 2012 brought the evolution of Snapea Crisps into Harvest Snaps, with only the name changing and all the goodness remaining the same. Today, Harvest Snaps has 9 delicious flavors and are available throughout the US and Canada, in most major retailers and grocers. We have grown a lot over the past few years, all thanks to our wonderful customers who continue to share us with their friends.

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