Pea Protein Snacks – 5 Easy Ideas

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Fun & Easy Ways to Get More Pea Protein

What is Pea Protein, Anyway?

Whether you follow a vegetarian lifestyle, flexitarian way of life, or are simply interested in the many benefits of avoiding animal products and adding more plant-based nutrition to your diet, pea protein snacks can help support your health and wellness goals. According to The University of Michigan, edible pea protein is derived from green and yellow split peas and is therefore both “lactose-free and is safe for people with allergies or sensitivities to dairy and eggs.”

What are the Benefits of Pea Protein?

Pea protein is gaining in popularity for a variety of reasons. According to Growing Naturals, there are many nutritional benefits of pea protein, including the following:

  • Pea protein offers essential amino acids, including lysine, which supports bone health
  • Pea protein also offers the essential acid arginine, which supports heart function.
  • Pea protein is naturally gluten-free.
  • Pea protein scores low on the glycemic index, so it does not spike blood sugar levels.
  • Pea protein is a low-carbohydrate food.
  • Pea protein is naturally free of cholesterol and saturated fats.

How Can I Add Pea Protein to My Diet?

If you are interested in adding pea protein to your diet, you can do so at any meal of the day. For breakfast, you can blend fruit with a milk or a lactose-free liquid of your choice into a pea protein powder smoothie. At lunch or dinner, a side of cooked peas will provides a generous 8 grams of protein per cup.

But what about enjoying peas in healthy protein snacks? Are there any vegetarian snacks with pea protein? Absolutely!

Pea Protein Snack Ideas

As mentioned earlier, smoothies are a quick and easy way to add pea protein to your day, and they’re probably the option that people are most familiar with. Here are some new healthy protein snacks made from peas that you may not have thought of yet!

  1. Pea-and-Yogurt Spread
    This recipe from Jessica Goldman Foung is all kinds of delicious and ridiculously simple, pairing the sweetness of garden-fresh green peas with the tart tastiness of your favorite yogurt. Just smash the peas with a fork, mix with yogurt, drizzle on some olive oil and a dash of your favorite spices, and you’ve got a protein-rich dip to die for. Delish!
  2. Pea-Based Protein Bars
    Looking for something you can take with you on the go? Whether you’re looking for vegan or vegetarian snacks, a quick google search of pea protein bars will provide a variety of options for you to choose from.
  3. LightLife Sliders
    If you’re handy around the kitchen and looking for a snack with a little more “oomph”, consider making some mini-burgers (“sliders”) from the plant-based “meats” offered by LightLife.
  4. Pea Protein Yogurt
    Yogurt can be a satisfying snack and a creamy, dessert-like treat. Ripple and Daiya are two yogurt brands that use pea protein in their formulations.
  5. Harvest Snaps Green Pea Snack Crisps
    Available in the produce section of your favorite grocery store, Harvest Snaps are a delicious salty snack that’s made first and foremost from farm-direct vegetables. These plant-based crisps great to have on hand so they’re ready whenever you want some healthy protein snacks.

Your Quick List of Harvest Snaps Pea-Based Flavors

The first ingredient in all Harvest Snaps varieties is always green peas or red lentils or black beans. Here is a handy list of all the Harvest Snaps flavors made exclusively from peas; these vegetarian snacks contain 5g of protein and 4g of fiber per serving:

  • Lightly Salted
  • White Cheddar
  • Parmesan Roasted Garlic
  • Caesar
  • Wasabi Ranch
  • Black Pepper
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