Raising good kids is hard, and it feels even harder at the holidays. Yes, toys and gifts are part of the fun, but commercial focus can put the priorities on presents, when it should be on presence. Use these tips to keep true holiday spirit top of mind this season:

  1. Donate to a new charity of choice each year. Select an afternoon or evening to learn about the organization as a family, and make kids aware of the good they are doing.
  2. Cook together. The holidays are filled with over-indulgence. Use family dinner time to cook seasonal dishes with a healthy twist, keeping all family members engaged. Kids can help with measuring, stirring and plating!
  3. Make time. The holidays are BUSY. Set aside 30-45 minutes to play a board game, read a book or play outside.
  4. Read & write together. Bust out the card from Great Aunt Linda and read aloud. Better yet, bust out the family stationary and write a letter back together, recapping the year’s highlights.

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