Afternoon Snack

When it comes to your afternoon snack, we know that everyone has different needs. Whether you’re in need of a quick, at-home energy boost, something to munch on while on-the-go, or even a supportive gym pal, Harvest Snaps meets you where you are. Not only are they great on their own, but they’re also great when paired with some delicious friends! Here are some snack pairings to give your afternoon an energy boost.

Harvest Snaps and Banana Snack Pairing
If you’re in need of a snack hack that’s great for your errand runs, grab a bag of Harvest Snaps and banana for a fresh pairing that’ll go the distance. Bananas are a nutrient-rich fruit that are a good source of fiber, but also help regulate blood sugar. When your body needs a boost, this pairing will help you get back on track with ease!

Harvest Snaps and Dark Chocolate Snack Pairing

Rich in magnesium, iron, and zinc, dark chocolate is a great way to give your afternoon snack of Harvest Snaps a bittersweet balance. Take some along on your next workout, as dark chocolate has anti-inflammation properties, and also goes great with a handful of Harvest Snaps for a tasty energy boost.

Harvest Snaps and Avocado Snack Pairing 

Move over avocado toast and make way for avocado crunch! With plenty of healthy fats that are known to promote healthy eyes—and healthy hearts, too—avocados are a delicious superfood that go great with the real veggie crunch of Harvest Snaps. This is one snack hack that you can have with brunch.

Harvest Snaps and Strawberries Snack Pairing

Looking for some sweetness with your snaps? Strawberries are a great way to get a good sweet and salty flavor going. Not only that, they’re known to be a good source of vitamins, while also helping regulate blood pressure.

Harvest Snaps and Almonds Snack Pairing

After going for a run, a handful of Harvest Snaps and almonds make for a quick-and-easy energy boost. Almonds may look small, but they are secretly filling while also helping with bone health. Mix them with your favorite flavor of snack crisps to make this one a crunch lover’s dream!

Harvest Snaps and Hummus Snack Pairing

What’s better than some veggie snack crisps and a dip full of plant-based protein? With Harvest Snaps and hummus, you’ve got a crunchy snack and hearty dip, one that’s fully plant-based and has antioxidants that help your skin get a nice little glow, too!


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