Vegetarian Snacks –

Vegetarian Snacks If your family is tired of vegetarian snacks that lack texture and taste, Harvest Snaps has the perfect solution. Our crispy, veggie-loaded snacks not only taste delicious, but they also have the perfect, satisfying crisp that will please snackers of all ages. Give them a snack you can feel good about serving- with 9 varieties to select from.

Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Tea Sparrow
46 West 10th Ave
Vancouver BC V5Y1R6 US

You'll love the flavor and health benefits of organic loose leaf tea from Tea Sparrow. If you find you have way too much tea in your cabinet or pantry, we'll send you just the right amount of tea each month for personal enjoyment or for sharing with a friend. Never worry about running out or having too much in stock. Tea Sparrow

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