Harvest Snaps are the real deal – made from wholesome green peas, red lentils and black beans, straight from the farm. With nine delicious varieties to choose from, it’s fun to find your favorite flavors!


Healthier Snacking

Our Family of Snaps

Harvest Snaps Lightly Salted

Snack Crisps

The savory crunch that started it all. Harvest Snaps Snack Crisps use green peas as their first ingredient, so that every bite is crisp, crunchy, and veggie fresh.

Popper Duos

Two great tastes come together in one deliciously crunchy snack. Made from real veggies so you can keep on popping!


Who knew a baked snack made from real veggies could be this crunchy? We did! Embrace the crunch with Crunchions.


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With our new Popper Duos, family movies just got tastier. Try BBQ & Ranch and get two tasty flavors in one bite.

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New Crunchions are naturally craveable. Photographer @tiffanytphung found the most picturesque trail for enjoying a tasty, crunchy, plant-based snack break. #getoutside #glutenfreesnack #plantprotein

53 2

With our new Crunchions, re-re-re-watching just got tastier. Parents, let us know your favorite family movies worth rewatching.

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With our new Crunchions, Rose Ceremonies just got tastier! Tag the guy who claims he’s only in the room for the snacks—but is soooo into the premiere.

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Mix this snacky "Mocktail" to ring in the New Year! Snack Crisps, Popper Duos, and a Crunchions "garnish." Snacking doesn't get more festive than this! #HappyNewYear #Mocktail

37 1

Who's that in the produce section? Give Harvest Snaps a starring role on your next veggie platter. Crispy, #Tasty, and #PlantBased, they're perfect for ringing in the New Year!

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Our shareable bag is a big hit for big families. Have yourself a safe and healthy holiday! #Tasty #PlantProtein

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Who knew red lentils could be this deliciously crunchy!? Our Tomato Basil flavor adds the perfect pop of red to your #holiday #veggie platter!

41 2

I spy something green. Green peas are the first ingredient. Find crunchy, #tasty Harvest Snaps in their natural environment—the produce section. #PlantBased

35 5

Hot news—Mango Chile Lime Harvest Snaps are baked, never fried. Add this #tasty family-favorite to your must-try list. #PlantBased

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'Tis the season for something savory. Tasty, crunchy Harvest Snaps are the perfect feel-good snack everyone can enjoy together. #PlantBased #GlutenFree

41 2

Try something new! Stack the two new Harvest Snaps snacks—Crunchions and Popper Duos. Our record was 9, tell us yours! #plantprotein #glutenfreesnacks

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Sound on. Dig in. Lightly salted. Super crunchy. Harvest Snaps invites everyone to the table. Try our family size bag. #familysnack #healthiersnacks #munchtogether

78 11

This is huge. Harvest Snaps family-size bags last from kickoff to the last snap. #HealthierSnacks

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Dying for something new? Try New Harvest Snaps Crunchions… and this #DIYSnacks Halloween decor.

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Dress up your #HealthierSnacks for #Halloween. Watch the family gather around the Harvest Snaps.

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Add life to #Halloween with New Harvest Snaps Popper Duos & a (secretly placed) battery-powered ball. Bring your family together with Harvest Snaps. #HealthierSnacks

73 6

Our new bigger bag is all set for October birthdays and Halloween parties. #FamilySize #Veggies #GlutenFree #Healthy

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Take a look inside and find out what our main family-friendly ingredient is. #Harvestsnaps #familysnacks

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